Sunday, April 6, 2008

April 5th... Breaking The Law- The Sequel

Ok so I am counting this for Saturday, because it was done around 12:30 p.m. Me and Josh decided to tag the world!!! We wanted to do graffiti really bad, and because I am like Satan, I encouraged him to do it.

So, we found a piece of cardboard and went to the drawing table for inspiration. Josh draws jars, and I draw clouds, and we decided on the two, together. With a C and J in between, of course. Oh my goodness, if I could only put up a picture, if only I could find my camera... it was a fabulous stencil.

So, we cut out our figures and headed to Walgreens for spray paint. Unfortunately, they seemed to be all out, but we did find some cool birthday cards... I got him one that had Elvis with a gold border and velvet inside. He got me one with a naked upper body of a man making cake-

Caption: Your birthday cake is almost done... want to lick the batter?
AHHH creepo point for that card. We also found another classic DVD to watch that could possibly surpass Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Possibly.

I also tried one new thing of the day... Josh introduced me to violin music. I have played violin, but never really listened to just music composed specifically for the violin. We listened to a little Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Shastakovich, and more. It was positively divine! I learned a lot too, he is a smart dude.

So, we tried Wal Mart next, to no avail. Apparently, stores don't carry spray paint anymore. So, we grabbed a container of Apple Green acrylic paint and a brush. Yes. It's true. We are old school.

We decided to tag a few places that were significant. We first drove to Rock Canyon. We saw a few cars with people making out in them, but we decided to just do it. It was hilarious, kneeling down next to an electrical box with Josh crouched beside me, dipping his brush into a glob of paint on the concrete below. That is how you can tell you've been tagged by us- the noticeable blob of green paint below wherever we put our mark. We decided to only tag things that weren't part of nature- so we also got a dumpster by his mom's studio, and a concrete wall by a river. We also put one close to home-in my thinking spot. It was so much fun to just run around like delinquents and splash green paint on things! We were so silly.

And that is so so illegal.