Sunday, April 20, 2008

April 19... S A TUR DAY... Night!

Today was quite an eventful day! I participated as a game monitor in my first ever USU Piano Festival. It was for the YC students, and I was in a game room with Emma and Danielle... talk about a good time. The most fun was towards the end, where me and Danielle started playing the games ourselves! Haha! And also, taking down the decorations, singing along to Michael Buble, and watching Emma do her sexy latin paper shredding dance... there were some good times to be had by all. I got some extra cool tattoos to take for the road, too.

After the festival, I drove home and with Josh to Provo. We were to see the great man that is called Kalai IN CONCERT! We had a while before, so we were going to get sushi at Demae. However, on the way through an alleyway, we stumbled upon a scene out of a movie... literally! They were filming for a movie on Center Street. It was super awesome! It was the classic scene- hobo jumps from a dumpster and beats up a man in the head with a gun and his bare fists. We just sat in awe and watched for a while. The guy had a stunt double and everything! I think me and Josh had a better movie scene going on though, from the parking garage, it was quite romantic :) So I get to add Walking Through A Real Live Movie Set to my new things!!!

Then it was on to Demae for sushi, which was absolutely delicious. I tried a Crispy Roll for the first time, and it made me like sushi better the second time around. It was quite yummy actually :)

We then headed to Covey Center to see Kalai. Ahh it was so great! His music was so so awesome, and having Josh next to me gave me sqweenchies like never before! I swear we were the two happiest people in that building. Afterwords, me and Cailie wrote Kalai a Haiku, he signed it, and we got a picture with him. I love Kalai, he is a great artist!!

Hunger got the best of us after the show, so we decided to take a stop to Ihop (I know, that rhymes, great huh?) to get some grub. I was originally going to go for the french toast like I always do, but at the last minute, I copied what Cailie got. Which was low carb, low fat, and low whatever else. It was eggs and pancakes... my eggs had lots of strange things in them that I've never had and the pancakes were a bit too fluffy to have substance, but I felt very healthy eating them. And very out of my comfort zone. I had the worst sushi/mushroom low fat egg breath ever! A big thank you to Josh for paying for me! And for loving me! And for the awesome night! And shout out to Cailie and Tyler for being so awesome! Ah I love the weekends.