Monday, April 28, 2008

April 26...Disco Fever+Jungle Fever= A Sick Time. (har har har)

This is us being MONKEYS!

Today, was previously dedicated as "Zoo Day" for my little sisters. We (along with my awesome roomies Ashley and Lindsey) took the venture to the Willow Park Logan Zoo today! It was, to say the least, AWESOME. There were more animals than I thought, and though it was mostly birds, there were some cool animals. We saw porcupines, bobcats, bald eages, coyotes, and MONKEYS!! They were our favorites. Some other favorites were the funny looking parrots that said "hello", the swans and peacocks, and the turkeys. We had a blast, and it was a very cute little zoo. I think Ashley had the best time with my little sisters, they were laughing and talking to the animals and having a grand old time. I'm really glad my sisters could come to Logan to visit.

Also done today: Josh and I had our first D.I. date. I took him to the Provo DI, where he picked out my outfit and I picked out his. We had ten dollars to spend. He picked this great torquoise turtleneck with a "mirrored" sweater, and these awesome snakeskin skirt with mushrooms around the waist. I picked him out these bright purple scrubs with a bright orange shirt (It read "Welcome to Vegas" with a pocket on the chest), a cool tie, and we had matching hats that read "Bride" and "Groom". Plus I bought my first used book from DI (Runaway Jury) for FIFTY CENTS!

After we had the outfits, all that was left was dinner. Josh took me to a Peruvian restraunt to try my first real Peruvian food, and it was absolutely DELICIOUS. I tried Inca Cola for the first time (It kind of tastes like bubblegum and cream soda) and had a fried banana!

After dinner, we went to Classic Skating for Disco Night. It was amazing. It was a bit scary, because when we walked in, there were men in drag and a girl took off her shirt while skating. But after that scare, things calmed down a bit. Well... as calm as it can get during Disco Night... It was a blast! I tried rollerskates for the very first time, and so did Josh. It was a lot harder than it seemed!! Luckily, I only fell once, but Josh fell three times. That poor guy got all bruised up, but he was such a good sport about it! I never really got completely comfortable with the idea of the skates, but I still had an awesome time. I seem to have found my hang out place, everyone else is weird and dances around just like me! Disco Skating For Life!