Tuesday, April 29, 2008

April 27... The Updated Cortni Residence

Today I set up my room for the summer. I will be doing something I've never done before this summer: living like a bum. Remember where the pool table was downstairs? Basically, we moved it to the side and they plopped a matress down for me to sleep on. I now officially reside in the biggest room in the house: the downstairs living room.

There's some pros... lots of room to walk in, an easily accessable TV and billiards, um... I guess the biggest con is that it's not a room. I sort of live in the dark corner of the house.

Let's be honest. It sucks. But it should make for some interesting times.

Wondering how this happened? I moved to college, Kate took my room, and they turned hers into an office. That, and they obviously care more about the computer than their daughter. Haha just kidding. Maybe I'll set up a tent and sleep outside instead... any thoughts?


Jenelle said...

You could always come and live here, Cort; we have lots of rooms but no beds - so it would be a trade off! Think you and Melina could share a room...? At least they aren't charging you rent. That's a perk.