Tuesday, April 8, 2008

April 6th.. Veggies and Conference Does A Body Good

Today was an incredible incredible day. After annual family conference brunch, Josh picked me up in his great van and we drove down to Salt Lake with 2 tickets for conference. Although we were there before schedule, we had a bit of confusion with parking... we ended up parking in a garage and rushing there. Josh was positively convinced that we were too late, but I reassured him that we would be ok. He has never made it on time to get into conference, so he was starting to get nervous. As we got into the longest line ever, a man grabbed me by my shoulder and asked me if I had a purse. When I replied no, he took us to a very short line and we got right in! Thank goodness that I am not a girly girl with a purse.

So we were in. And close to the front too! And it was absolutely amazing. So inspiring, and the talks were beautiful and true. It was so incredible to actually BE there, to hear the choir, to stand up as the Prophet walked in. It was such a neat experience. Plus the company wasn't too bad either :) Thank you for the AMAZING weekend Josh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also done today: my mom let me eat a raw green bean. They weren't bad... they were actually pretty good... kinda crunchy and stuff.